We All Have Blindspots

We all have blindspots that impede our growth, which by definition are outside our sight and our awareness. We help you to find them, master them, and move beyond them towards your goals. Working with people who feel stuck, in life or work or simply in their own personal growth, to get unstuck and move on.
About Nôrthish Coaching

Nôrthish provides coaching, consulting & mentoring for:

Entrepreneurs, Family and Small Business

How can I balance my endlessly competing demands for time, energy, resources? · The culture I yearn for is not what I have; how can I close that gap? · Change initiatives are risky, difficult and painful and don’t always work; what can I do to be more successful in managing the inevitable, necessary changes that lie ahead? · What will happen to this business when I’m no longer here?

Artists and Creative Professionals

How can I reconcile my deepest creative drives with the needs of the marketplace and our customers? · What tools and skills can I learn to translate creative vision into practical, effective and inspiring outcomes for my team, my company or my clients? · How do I accelerate my growth as both an artist and a businessperson without sacrificing my principles?

Organizational Leaders, Executives And Non-Profits

Who do we need to become to create the future we want? · To deliver on our goals and the promises we’ve made to our organization, what type of leaders do we need to be? · How do we get there? · How can we better align purpose, strategy, planning and execution? · How can we “see around the next corner” to prepare for the challenges we will be meeting in the years ahead?


As a strategic consultant, coach, and mentor, Patrick Walker helps foster creativity and unearths connections and opportunities for artists, entrepreneurs, and executives in the ever changing, complex systems woven in our modern world. Patrick spent a lifetime as an entrepreneur and enjoyed over 30 years of success, navigating the challenges of rapid technological change in both business and creative processes. The sum of his experience and perspective is broad and considered invaluable wisdom for emergent leadership.

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